Ash Walani

Art design, Graphic Media design



With the stroke of a key on his Mac, he creates graphic design and art that spans the field of marketing: Branding, logos, marketing print, brochures, magazines, signs, packaging, signage and web-design are just a few of Walani’s areas of expertise and excellence. Walani puts his whole heart into his art and design and into the success of the people and businesses who commission it. Those same people admire and desire to work with the man not only for his boundless talent but for his always generous and positive approach to people and the goals he helps them achieve through his work. The East-African born and Canadian-raised graphic artist is also an experienced business man who owned his first business at age 21 and moved into graphic art 12 years later.

Ash is also an abstract artist specializing in mixed media, large scale paintings and digital art.

“For my clients it’s about the branding, the image, the reputation and the market that I help them build,” says Walani. “But for me, every design and print job is like a canvass, a piece of my creativity that I give to someone. No job is too small”

Educated and skilled in business and all types of art and graphic design, Walani is now educating his spirit and focusing on what he can contribute to the world – what he can do with his talents to give others – his give back to his community. 

“I have always been very affected by my urban surroundings, always loved anything visual and artistic. Music, ethnic diversity, my own East Indian/African/Middle Eastern heritage have all influenced my design and art. The love of diverse culture and my life in a truly multicultural melting pot like Canada have all served to create the artist I am.”- Ash Walani  


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